How to Contribute

Fedora Silverblue is an open community seeking contributors from everywhere, and of every type. In addition to many core projects needing code in various languages, we also need:

  • help writing documentation
  • expert users to answer questions from less experienced users
  • testers who can try out new releases and features

If you are a programmer, please check out rpm-ostree and Flatpak and the many related projects on GitHub for places to contribute. We accept pull requests and do not require a CLA.

If you are a designer, a storyteller who is interested in tech, a technical writer, or otherwise interested in contributing to the website or documentation, please check out the GitHub repositories for the website and documentation. If you're not comfortable with GitHub, you can always create a topic in the community forums.

If you find a problem or want to suggest a feature, you can use the issue tracker.

Meet the Team

We've canceled IRC meetings in favor of discussiong things timezone-independently on the forums.

Outside of the forums, you can always come by and chat about Silverblue in the #silverblue IRC channel on Libera.Chat.

You can best discuss Silverblue in our community.

Silverblue is a work in progress. Join now and help us shape its future!