Download a Silverblue image

Silverblue images for Fedora 29 are provided by the Fedora Project.

64-bit 2.0GB Silverblue image (Fedora 29)

Fedora provides the Media Writer as a convenient way to create bootable USB drives.

You will need

  • The Silverblue image (download above)
  • Fedora Media Writer (download below)
  • A USB Flash drive with at least 2GB space available

Download the Silverblue image and the Fedora Media Writer program for your OS. In the Media Writer window, click "Custom image", select the Silverblue image, and follow the prompts to write the image to the USB Drive.

You may then install Silverblue by booting from your USB Drive. Note: it is advisable to keep the default partitioning setup that the Installer suggests, since rpm-ostree expects this setup.

Try the latest

Help us make Silverblue better by testing the Rawhide builds of Silverblue that will eventually become Fedora 30.

64-bit 2.1GB Silverblue image (Fedora Rawhide)

Get Fedora Media Writer

Fedora Media Writer is supported on Linux, OS X and Windows: Fedora Media Writer for Linux Fedora Media Writer for OS X Fedora Media Writer for Windows

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