You may find videos and/or slides from talks given by community members about Silverblue and related subprojects here.

  • Matthias Clasen, LAS 2018: Introducing Fedora Silverblue, Slides
  • Matthias Clasen, 2018: Life and Death on Fedora Silverblue, Slides
  • Matthias Clasen, GNOME.Asia 2018: Introducing Fedora Silverblue, Slides
  • Sanja Bonic and Colin Walters, 2018: You want a Clean Desktop OS? Containerize it, Video Slides
  • Jan Pazdziora, 2018: Minimizing workstation installation Video
  • Rob McQueen, 2018: Desktop OS of the future: ostree+flatpak, Video
  • Kalev Lember, 2018: Atomic Workstation Video Slides
  • Jonathan Lebon, 2018: Fearless Upgrades with Fedora Atomic Workstation Video Slides
  • Kalev Lember, GUADEC 2017: Atomic Workstation Video
  • Owen Taylor, Flock 2017: Setup your own Atomic Workstation, Video
  • Patrick Uiterwijk, Flock 2016: Using Fedora Atomic as Workstation, Video
  • David King, Flock 2016: Towards an Atomic Workstation, Video


Matthias has written a series of blog posts about his experience learning his way around Silverblue, when it was still called Fedora Atomic Workstation:

Tom Whiston has also written some nice blog posts about containerizing his desktop:

Micah Abbott has written about automatic updates with rpm-ostree: